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Everything everyone else has wanted to know... this is stuff people ask us about Abu Dhabi and triathlon in general. For specific questions on the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon see their web page, where there are also training tips and other helpful hints and suggestions.

Is there anywhere I can hire a road or tri bike ?

Yes. ProBike in Dubai has recently started offering bike hire of well-equipped tri bikes. And they will deliver to Abu Dhabi for an additional fee. See www.probike.ae for details and contacts. Wolfis in Dubai also do rental of road bikes. www.wbs.ae .

OMG ! Is that how much hotels cost in Abu Dhabi.

Afraid so... it's not a budget destination. The ADIT organisers have special rates at the partner hotel but if you're looking for something even easier on the pocket our best tips for clean and decent are the Novotel, which is in the centre of the city, or the Oryx which is nearer the event start. Or you could ask on the Forum if one of our members might be prepared to offer bed and breakfast at an agreed rate.

I'm new to triathlon - how do I start ?

It's never too early to start training and if you are looking for programmes or advice then try our Forum or there's lots of stuff on the web. We have regular events and sessions for new people to join our Friday rides or Saturday swims. We'll also be organising some sessions in Jan and Feb with the ADIT people.

How do I get my bike to Abu Dhabi ?

Airlines seem to have a somewhat random policy on bikes (unlike golf clubs). We know people who've been charged for being a few kilos over and people who've had enough kit to sink a battleship but still got through. And people who've gone free one way and been charged coming back. Etihad seems to be reasonable at most times, especially if you are in or around the 20kg limit, but Lufthansa, KLM and BA seem to charge for bikes regardless. The ADIT site has a section on travel and transportation and will update if they have any clarification from Etihad.

Is it safe to cycle in Abu Dhabi ?

OK the drivers aren't used to cyclists but there are place and times that it is OK to train. We manage. See the Cycle section for maps and other details. Some people found it handy to stay a few days on the Yas Island hotels and go in from there or switch into town. Cycling is possible on Yas at most times of day, and the F1 Circuit is open most Tuesday nights (check their Facebook page for details).

How about swimming ?

The only big difference here is the water is very salty. Better bouyancy but more yuk. Right after the 2011 Triathlon they shut the last open swimming area in Abu Dhabi so again Yas is the best option, but if your hotel is on the wate you can swim from there. For indoor training the Officers Club is the best pool around. If it's good enough for Ian Thorpe...

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